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This years Davos will be interesting because of the tension that exists between the WEF movement and the forces of Brexit and Trump. WEF is almost everything Trump says he isnt. WEF is all about globalism, with a heavy dose of Europeanism. (Klaus Schwab, for instance, has 15 honorary degrees, none from a university in the United States.) WEF is all about multiculturalism and non-US hegemony. It is for and by elites. And the big guest this year is Mr. Anti-Trump himself, President Xi (whose attendancemarks the first time a sitting Chinese president visits Davos). In other words, this is not an America First kinda place. For WEF that means either it could become marginalized to a degree or it could become a place where opposition forces coalesce. On the other hand, if the past is any prologue, Davos will outlast Trump/Brexit and whatever comes next, too.