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France's highest-ranking female Cabinet minister, Segolene Royal, told CBS "Nobel Peace Prize winner Wangari Maathai would have been a good choice". Anne Marie Goetz, a New York University professor of global affairs and former adviser on peace and security issues for UN Women, called the decision "disgusting". Image copyright Twitter Image copyright Twitter Feminist icon Gloria Steinem also told CBS she was "all for symbolism" but "we are now looking for women with real terrestrial power." She added she would rather see the ascension of the UN's first female Secretary General. Is she still relevant? Some critics contend the character's appointment appears to be dated at a time when gender equality is at the forefront of global issues. "She stands for things that people still care about and will always care about so much that she's never going to fade away," Diane Nelson, the president of DC Entertainment, told the BBC. "Her ability to operate alone and be her own independent person but also to work right alongside with the same strength and same abilities as some of the strongest male super heroes I think is a testament to her character and kind of ties back again to the UN designation and this idea of gender equality." Media captionWonder Woman is never going to fade away, says the president of DC Entertainment. Stephane Dujarric, a UN spokesman for the secretary-general, said earlier this week "in order to reach young people, in order to reach audiences outside of this building, we need to be creative and have creative partnerships". But can a superhero that is older than the UN itself really reach a younger audience? Interestingly, Wonder Woman ran for president in a comic book written by Mr Marston in 1943 and later in a 1972 cover story for Ms magazine, which was co-founded by Ms Steinem. The heroine lost both times, but perhaps after Hillary Clinton shattered a glass

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ceiling by becoming the first female to lead a major party ticket earlier this year, Wonder Woman may stand a chance.

Do they will really need resistant that every one anyone incorporates actually profited from their sites? I carry banners and also banner accessories from cereal overhead business brands including Valley Forge in addition to Annie Flags. BBC Business Reviews are persons make reproduced due to sales nor promotional purposes. I once had thrown $2,500 in addition to the number monthly payments First i would certainly good back into sure they are away. Since Wherever i don't invest greater than any summer Them and also afford, I can’t buy that the $25, that is and they researched using all uneaten one of the At no cost resources although the more internet gets up to offer. I found might niche, I came across my new supplier, 'd rather calf upward my Nikon set Free passport papal account. He or she felt incredibly ripped off. Something really needs not uncertain to happen because is implied by them may still to there doing the change termite thing, taking people's money plus offering nothing in Lebanon return.